New start

After 5 year of sporadic blogging about my life or things that I stumbled upon, I decided it was time for a new start.

This time I’ll mainly focus on my world of warcraft experience. I don’t know what will be the frequency of this new blog, I guess I’ll see along the road.

I guess a little presentation would still be in order. My name’s David and I’m 30 years old. I live in Québec City, Canada. My main language is french but I do happen to work in an environment that requires me to know English. As much I am usually fine I do happen to write stuff that doesn’t make sense, so please bear with me 😛 I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful girl who turned 1 only 3 months ago.

I won’t speak much of my RL, as I am sure it’s not for what you’ll be coming here if you decide to tag along.


I’ve been playing Wow since the open beta. I couldn’t buy the retail version as soon as it came out due to supply reasons. My first character was an undead warlock which I level to lvl 45. I then had a Tauren shaman which I level to 28 before rerolling alliance on another server due to latency issues.

It is at that time that I started playing my first warrior, a night elf. I leveled her to 49 all that time as protection spec before rerolling yet again on a PvP server this time.

Sheldreyn which is now my main is another protection warrior which I leveled from 1 to 70 as protection on the US-Akama PvP server. She’ now moved over Area 52 a PvE server.

She switched to arms a few months ago to fit my previous guild’s need. I wouldn’t switch back now though.

My current guild is starting T5 content, we went to Tempest Keep a few times already, I even got my T5 Shoulders on the first night we went there.

That’s a very quick resume of my wow career.

I have a few alts, namely Porrom, my lock and Leslannatrix, my Paladin, I’m sure I’ll have the occasion of speak of them in the future.


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