Default UI : I hate it

Just spent another hour on my DK. I advanced some quests in the plaguelands. I’ don’t know if I’m still far from joining the horde. Honestly, I didn’t search much as I don’t want to spoil the fun factor.

I’m slowly starting to get a hang over the abilities I have. I usually pull with death grip –> Icy Talon –> Scourge strike –> pestilence (if any additional mobs are there) –> Corpse explosion (if any additional mobs are there) –> Blood Strike –> death coil

At that point the mob is either dead or close to. I wasn’t sure if I would like corpse explosion but I definitely came to love it. It somehow reminds me of victory rush on Sheldreyn. Although I don’t have to bring the mob back to where I killed with the later.

A gripe that I have to vent now is blizz’s default UI, god I hate it. Critical information is too far. I need to know how many HP I have left, how much runic power I have, what are the cooldown on my runes. My target’s unit frame must display the same things. It’s not in the upper left that those things are useful, it’s in the center !

The default actions bars, I need to move them closer, yes I’m a clicker sometimes, and I hate to have to move my mouse half across the screen to use a potion or  anything like that.

Their SCT implementation ? WAY too big for my liking, I prefer parrot.

World Map ? Catographer

I could go on like this but I think you get the point.


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