Wotlk – Installation process

While looking at this blog’s statistics (I get to love wordpress for that), I saw that someone searched for the term “how long is lich king beta installation”.

I guess I’ll post about that.

The initial download is 1.88 gig, so depending on your connection your off for a few hours there. Luckily for me my job has a kickass connection so the download took roughly 2,5 hours.

Initial installation took around 20 minutes (wotlk is installed on a laptop, slow HD), I guess it could go as fast as 8 minutes on a desktop.

After that you’re gonna have to download another 1.5 gig worth of patches and need to install them. It took ma bout 2 hours to do all that.

All in all I’d say expect a minimum of 4 hours if you have to do all the downloads, 6 hours being realistic (not everyone can download at 2 Megs/seconds).

If you already have all the patches on a disc, then I would say around an hour and you’ll be ready to play.


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