Sheldreyn’s Build (33/28 – Blood Frenzy / Imp Slam) is officially dead

Ghostwalker, the Wotlk blue, made some interesting replies regarding DPS warrior viability. Most of them were related to fury, but here I’ll relate to the 2 answers that related to arms.

3) Most talents beyond Tier 3 in arms are staggeringly bad for PVE right now, with the exception of blood frenzy. Is this intended to balance blood frenzy? Will we see any improvements here? Do you intend to go the route of feral with arms and build multiple effects onto talents to give them PVP/PVE usefulness the way feral gets DPS/tanking talents?

Given plenty of time, we would love to sprinkle PvP, PvE and tanking talents all throughout the trees. There are definitely some lame talents at the moment (some old, some new), and we are going to try to get to them all. Blood Frenzy itself is going to be on the back-burner until we resolve how we’re going to handle raid stacking. It isn’t the intention that Arms gets to raid and Fury goes home.

My Answer :
What isn’t being taken into account is the difficulty level of playing an arms build in comparison to a fury build. Blizzard often praised the risk / reward thinking, meaning that the more risks involved the bigger the rewards. Arms is a perfect example, you can’t move as much as a fury build, which makes you more prone to suffer damage. If you move to often, you will see your DPS drop because you won’t be able to complete the rotation.

4) The changes to windfury and sword specialization have destroyed the slam rotation for arms in terms of DPS viability. Arms warriors simply don’t have the rage for a full rotation without them, even specing to endless rage and anger management. We’re in a very similar state now to ret paladins live, enough or close to enough skills to provide powerful damage output but hamstrung by resource limitations, are there any plans to fix that? Judgments of the wise was a brilliant fix, any chance we could see something similar in arms to improve PVE DPS?

Slam is intended to be an attractive button. I think it just needs a little attention now that the extra attacks are under control now.

My Answer:
Keeping the blood frenzy debuff is quite easy, I will concede it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to not be able to DPS. Many fights in TBC had bosses that moved a lot, which caused the personal DPS of an arms warrior drop, Fury shined more than us on most of those fights. In the end I think it edges out. I guess we’ll see what changes are in stock for slam but other than making it instant in a talent in the arms tree (something like tier 8 or 9, so that fury can’t take it)  that would allow us to put 2 more points in flurry might help smooth out our rage gen. (it will STILL suck, but just a little less)


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