Initial testing of the new Arms Tree

Strictly from a PvE perspective I conducted a small bunch of tests of the new Arms Tree.

I went with as much points as I could get in arms while keeping 5 pts in fury for cruelty (5 % crit, you just can’t avoid that) and Tactical Mastery (I expected a lot of stance switching), The rest was dumped in Arms, trying to max out every bleed effect available.

Once done I went to my grinding spot of predilection : the Sunfury Blood Elves near black temple. There’s lots of them respawn rate is quite high so I never run out of mobs unless there is competition and the pattern to move is quite straight forward. It makes it a perfect spot to benchmark my grinding speed.

I first went with my typical rotation

It still usually went like this :
Charge –> white (0 sec) –> slam (1 sec) –> MS (3.0 sec)
move on to next mob
Victory Rush (0 sec) –> White (1.5 sec) –> Slam (2.0 sec) –> MS (3.5 sec)
move on to next mob
Charge –> White (0 sec) –> Victory Rush (1 sec) –> White (2.5 sec) –> Slam (3.0 sec) –> MS (4.5 sec)

The only difference I saw was the amount of rage I had left after killing a mob. I presume this is due to endless rage more than anything else there

Seeing not much changes from my killing speed on live, I tried to slip in rend right after the charge to see if it could proc Overpower, the mob we still dying to fast so rend couldn’t tick very often, so I only saw 2 procs of Overpower due to rend tick over 80 mobs killed. More often than not that ‘wasted GCD’ made my killing speed slower.

I then went after some elites to have longer fight. I choose the elites that leads to doomwalker, since they were close to my location.

Charge –> White –> Rend –> white –> slam –> white –> ms

Trying to use overpower as soon as it lights up.
Honestly I didn’t saw it light up that much, my guess is that the 30 % proc rate per tick is too low.
I killed them faster with the standard rotation of slam / ms / ww than staying in battle stance.

I’ll try to do some testing in a raid setting, but I have yet to do any raids in beta so far.

I see the intention of blizz of making battle stance the default stance for arms, but the incentive is just not there yet.

Update : After further testing, I can confirm that the <Taste for blood> Talent isn’t working at all, so the 2 ovepower procs I saw were the results of dodged attacks.


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