Taste for blood should be marked as <NYI>

The arms talent <Taste for blood> simply doesn’t work.

Tests were done against “Servant of Razelikh” in the Blasted lands, I let auto-attack on and only tried to refresh Rend as it was about to expire. After half an hour of swinging and refreshing the debuff as it was about to expire, here are my conclusions :

  • Wrecking Crew affects Rend Dot as well a Deep Wounds dot (Better try to apply rend when you have 3 stacks of ‘Enrage’ effect)
  • My Rend ticks went from 134 to 230 dmg, depending if wrecking crew is active or not.
  • Talent taste for blood is definitely NOT working as I haven’t seen a single dodge of my attacks appear.
  • Bug : if you apply Rend when you have 1-2 or 3 stacks of enrage effect from wrecking crew, and then try to refresh the debuff after the Enrage effect is over, you will get a “A more powerful spell is already active” message

I have never seen overpower lights up. So those 30 % proc chances per tick are in reality 0 %.

Until this is fixed the talent should be flagged as NYI (Not Yet Implemented).


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