Some changes that would help Arms

Reading the feedback on the wotlk forums I came upon a nicely taught feedback regarding the latest changes to the arms tree.

Since it seems that blizz’s intention is to push us to use battle stance as the default stance for arms, a few issue arises :

1- Lack of mobility
2- Lack of interruption
3- Lack of fear immunity

The lack of mobility comes form the fact that Intercept is a berserker stance only ability and that charge cannot be used in combat. This also have the side effect that the improved intercept ability doesn’t fits that much in the arms tree anymore, since we’re supposed to spend most of our time in battle stance.

The proposition in the post said to switch improved intercept with heroic leap. that way fury keeps their new found mobility and arms keeps its actual even though we would have to use an awkward ability (at least in its current implementation).

I liked that proposition, it would even open for some nice combination : Seeping Strikes –> Heroic Leap  followed by Bladestorm could be a possibility.  We’d be at least able to get in 2 whirlwind  in before the targets move out. Still not worth a 51 pts talent, but still way better than its current use.

Lack of interruption is the result of arms being a 2 hander oriented tree and that the only interrupt in battle stance requires a shield. Simply by allowing pummel to be used in battle stance, this problem gets fixed. Pummel and Shield bash’s cooldown’s are link so no fear of having 2 interrupts back to back.

Lack of fear immunity, the traditional arms build had no less than 3 fear breaks (4 if you were undead), namely in : Berserker Rage (1 minute cooldown), Death wish (3 minutes) and Recklessness (30 minutes), add in Will of the forsaken for undeads (2 minutes). This made a lot of fear breaks. Keep in mind however that long cooldowns and steep penalties we built in 2 of them (Recklessness and Death Wish).

In Wotlk, the fear immunity part has been stripped from Death wish and Recklessness, leaving only 1 real fear break in Berserker rage which is now on a 30 second Cooldown (20 for fury warriors due to unending assault). These changes will make arms warriors very prone to fear effect, something we in the past haven’t been victim to. Fury on the other hand won’t suffer much from this as Berserker rage lasts 10 seconds and their cooldown is only 20 seconds, leaving place for only a small 10 seconds window of fear vulnerability.

I have no real suggestion for this one as I don’t see any talents in arms in which we could embed a fear immunity mechanism. Bringing fear immunity in death wish and recklessness isn’t much of an option either as it would buff fury at the same time, something they don’t need in that department.

Bladestorm ? No sorry it doen’t removes any actual CC and it’s 90 seconds cooldown wouldn’t make it a reliable fear break.


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