Professions in end game

One of the best thing that has been done in The Burning Crusade was the tier Crafting. You crafter an item, for example the Fireguard was the Tier 1 Blacksmithing sword. It could then be upgrade as the Blazeguard as a Tier 2 and finally upgraded to the Blazefury.

Each of these weapons were quite awesome, they were just on par with the gear you could get doing the content needed to get the mats. Meaning that to craft the Blazefury which is very close to T5 equivalent in term of gear stats, you had to do T5 content.

That is part of the problem, because to craft the blazefury you need 5 nether votexes for example. By the time you get all the necessary vortexes you will most likely have gotten an item from doing that same content that will have better stats.

On the other side of the medal, there were some crafted stuff that was just too good compared to entry level raiding. Frozen Shadoweave set anyone ? That set had that problem, it was just too damn good.

There must be some sort of middle ground. If the frozen shadoweave set followed the Tier Crafting pattern, it could have avoided the problem we had in TBC.

Professions must not be THE ultimate gearing solution, but an alternative and viable solution.

Whereas the blacksmithing crafts were kind of “late” in a sense that when you could craft the item you were most likely already done with that type of content, the frozen shadoweave set was too powerful to begin with.

A recurring problem that has plagued the crafting system was priority of resistance set versus potential upgrades. For example Black Temple gear required a LOT of Shadow resistance gear which were crafted through the patterns found in Black Temple, which in turn needed drops from Black Temple trash (Heart of Darkness). What happened when you got a recipe for an item that would be an upgrade, but wasn’t a “resistance” piece of gear ? You had to wait until the content was on farm status and everyone had their full resistance set before you could even get the mats required. At that time you likely had a drop that would be just as good as the item you could have crafted. The recipe ended useless to you unless it allowed you to craft BoE gear, which you can then sell.

What I could see as a potential solution is to keep the “resistance set” requiring actual content mats. However gear that is not considered “resistance set” should require the previous tier’s material. That way IF a pattern drops and if the guild has still all the required mats in the guild bank (or the players has them) they will be able to use it right away, just like if it were a normal drop. That way, this would lower the number of useless patterns we see.

Keeping the resistance set mats requirement to use actual content would prevent guild from farming lower tier content and then blaze through the new content as they would already meet the gear requirement of the new tier.

Good, bad idea ?


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