Emerging from the shadows

What’s that pointy thing in your back ? Oh that’s just my dagger. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you… yet !

Who am I ? The name is Maljjin and remember it, just in case it’s the last thing you can remember. What do I want ? Just your attention for the moment. I may want more eventually, so behave. Where’s Sheldreyn ? That poor fella is knocked out cold over there. Such a shame how she pretends to be tough and can’t resist a simple poisonous meal. Now sweetie, it’s gonna be dark for a moment, we need a better setup, but when you’ll wake up, you’ll listen to my story. Not that you’ll have actually the choice….

You’re not seeing a hacker in charge here and Sheldreyn is not really sick. Allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Maljjin and I’m a good friend enough of Shel she allows me to co-write this blog. We’re playing on the same server, sometimes together, but our background and available playtime are a lot different. Maljjin is a rogue, a sexy and a deadly one. The one kind you don’t want to piss off or else she’s gonna put your head in your ass so quick you’ll ask how many people were actually there. I’m in a great guild, Conclave of Sin, and we’re having a hell lot of fun playing this game, kicking some asses and checking each other taint (don’t ask!). As Sheldreyn is more of your casual type of player with limited playtime, I am a bit more hardcore, you know the one kind trapped in iffy schedule that plays probably way too much.  Hell, I did a /played the other night and it disgusted me considering this toon is a TBC reroll !

What was I saying ? Oh yeah, CoS is a great guild. We’re currently 4/5 Hyjal, 5/9 BT. Yeah I know, big deal. I told you, I’d like to be real hardcore, but all I can be is somewhat hardcore.  We’re currently trying a final push to knock off Illidan before the expansion. We could stop raiding like many others, but that’s what we like in this game and it’s now hurting our pride that we’re not there yet.

So this is me, a near T6 rogue (honestly, the badge gear for rogues is way too good) with TBC raiding experience with a baby priest and a baby warlock as alts. I’ll be co-writing this blog to add a different perspective to it. I’ll talk our final push in TBC, but also about what’s upcoming in Wrath both from theory and my little testing in the beta. There’s a lot in the work for the rogues in the next few days, but for now, I just wanted to introduce myself.


One Response to “Emerging from the shadows”

  1. sheldreyn Says:

    Thanks for your contribution, I’m sure readers will appreciate a different point of view than my ongoing rantings. 😀

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