Taste for blood testing

Build 8885 has been deployed Friday night. I expected some talents to be unbugged, <taste for blood> being one of these.

My preliminary tests showed me that the proc rate is exactly as the tooltip says : 30 % per tick of rend.

I was wondering if the “Allows the use of overpower for 5 seconds” really meant that we could use it as often as we wished during that 5 second window. If so, that made the “Unrelenting Assault” talent very interesting as we could use, in the best scenario, Overpower 3 times giving us a good burst in DPS. However it’s not the case. Once you use overpower, it then fades out, forcing you to “wait” for another proc in order to use the skill.

I’m quite disappointed by the fact that it allows only 1 use of overpower as this doesn’t make shine “unrelenting assault” like it should considering its placement in the arms tree.

What I need to test next is what happens when multiple targets gets affected with rend ? Does the proc allows me to use overpower on my main target ? If so, I’ll make sure to have a “tab / rend” macro ready and see how it turns out.

Update :

Took some more time to test last night before our raid.

I tried the following :

– Aggroed a maximum of mobs that I could (6 was what I could do quite easily)
– Applied Rend on every mobs around me
– Waited to see if Overpower procced that often (6 * 30 % == 180 % Right ?)

Results :

6 * 30 % == 30 %

No matter how many mobs had the rend debuff the proc rate will still be only 30 %

So we won’t be able to use a secondary target as a Taste for blood proc battery.


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