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Yeah, yeah, I know, some new rogue stuff is out today, but I don’t want to talk about it right now. You’ll hear me on that later today or tomorrow. For the moment, I have some general rambling to do about the upcoming expansion.

To be honest, we have to go back to the patch 2.4 aka the noob patch. We all knew by this time Blizzard was targeting the casual audience heavily and that some hardcore (or you may say ultra hardcore) people had already left the game due to the lack of content for the game, even the lack the lack of attention for them I would say. Now with 2.4 they simply made the game so much easier even your dumb 8 years old cousin can play. Sure, some changes were good, it reduced some hassle, but they went a bit too far with a few things. I mean, while levelling a new alt, I’m not even paying attention to what I am doing, every freaking world quest item is glowing now ! Oh yeah, Sunwell was out too, but come on, the real hardcore people, which I am not I was in SSC at that point, were bored for months of grinding Black Temple.

Fast forward to the early infos on Wrath and what do we get ? More casual oriented changes. It’s not a bad decision to be honest, there’s money to be made in that market, but there’s an equilibrium to maintain. You want some hardcore player to stick around. You need them to push your developpers further down the path of creativity in regards of encounters. You need them to add an extra motivation to your design crew to producre top notch high end content regularly. Hell, Blizzard needs hardcore players for the testing purpose. Their own testing team is not very great, there’s a great deal of testing done by players on the test realms. Back to the equilibrium concept, what did the ultra hardcore players did get recently ? Not much. Blizzard has to get their head out of their asses on that matter rather soon or they’ll lose what left of hardcore players, a valuable asset to have around. Sure, they can’t make the game only for them, it’s not Vanguard or Everquest 1, it’s all about taping in multiple markets simultaneously.

Casual changes in Wrath I said ? Classes uniformization, more smaller scale dungeons, less thinking more button mashing for everyone. As I said your dumb 8 years old cousin could very be a [insert any class here] level 80 by Januray.

Speaking of classes uniformization, that’s one change Blizzard is short-sighted. Their justification is less raid stacking, more raid flexibility, more time spent with your friends. They’re not entirely wrong, but they only see the casual aspect of the situation, they’re forgetting how the gamer’s mind works. Gamers are min/maxing constantly regardless of the time they can put in the game. You play less, you have less option, more similar skills between classes is a good thing. You play more ? Well, you have time to do even more min/maxing. Some specs will be put on the sidelines regardless of Blizzard intentions, it’s a simple optimization process. Another whining wave will rise, another round of buff/nerf/tweak will happen, it’s a never ending process and there’s nothing that can be done about it without a long term perspective which Blizzard clearly lacks in many domains.

Enough of this rambling, I’ve probably bored you anyway. I’ll keep my thoughts on the whole “let’s give daggers back to rogues” for another time. Oh yeah, ’cause I couldn’t care less about daggers !


One Response to “General ramblings”

  1. Although I consider myself a casual, I agree with you on many points. This whole raid flexibility makes me sick. They won’t be able to cover every single aspect of every class. There’s bound to be missing stuff. What will that mean ? It mean that that specific class will get priority.

    Currently we knew which class could do what, they just shuffled the cards now. For example, Arms was taken along for blood frenzy. Now it’s been so nerfed and combat rogues gets it, so no more point in bringing an arms warrior with you.

    Some other things were nice though in that noob patch, glowing herbs and ore ? Glowing quests items ? makes you avoid searching endlessly for that stupid quest item. you know that book for that warlock quest near southshore ? That is one example of a good thing that patch fixed.

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