My reply to the latest feedback

Enraged Assault redesigned, now Enraged Regeneration: You regenerate 30% of your total health over 10 sec. This ability consumes all Enrage effects and prevents any from affecting you for the full duration. Must be enraged to use. Cost 15 rage, 3 min cooldown.
Nice change, we always missed a self heal, I would however lower to 20 % and change the CD to 2 minutes. I do however feel that the might be a miss option for DPS classes now.
Slam – We’re working to change this ability to suspend the swing timer when you are using the ability. In other words, if you’re .5 sec away from swinging your weapon when you start using Slam you’ll be .5 sec from swinging your weapon after Slam goes off.
Yes, Yes, Yes,  at last !

Improved Charge now generates 5/10 rage.
Couldn’t we get an increased range instead ? Honestly, I’m more often unable to use charge due to range issue than anything else
Mace Specialization now ignores 3/6/9/12/15% of target’s armor.
Nice change, let’s just see how it scales u up to now.
Sudden Death and Trauma swapped locations.
If Sudden Death stays as it is, I have no problem with that.
Bladestorm now lasts 6 seconds, causing a whirlwind every second.
Still doesn’t break roots / CC can still be disarmed, no movement speed increase
Toughness now also reduces duration of movement slowing effects by 10/20/30/40/50%.
Good Change
Improved Sunder Armor renamed Puncture, reduced to 2 ranks for 1/2 rage cost reduction.
Bring this back to 3 ranks please, 9 rage devastate were awesome
Improved Disarm reduced to 2 ranks, now reduces the cooldown of Disarm by 10/20 sec and increases damage taken by disarmed targets by 5/10%.
If bosses are still immune to disarm, it will only be a PvP perk talent.
Improved Defensive Stance reduced to 2 ranks, now reduces spell damage taken by 3/6% and any block/parry/dodge has a 50/100% chance to enrage the warrior causing 5/10% more damage for 12 sec.
Nice, I like this
Vigilance will soon transfer the 10% threat lost to the warrior. It will also have 3 charges to curb using it on targets that are being hit constantly. We’re still polishing this element to get it to feel right.
Hum, ok will have to test it out how it turns out
(NEW) Warbringer is a new one point talent on Tier 9 that allows Charge to be used in combat. Did I mention the change to Improved Charge?
Ok, ranting incoming : BLIZZ, DID YOU LISTENED TO OUR FEEDBACK ??? Your tendency to force arms warrior in battle stance to use Overpower brings a big mobility issue. And yet, you give this ability to tanks, who already have 2 options at hand in Intervene (Def stance) and Intercept (Zerker Stance). This talent should have been put in arms. What goo is changing a mob when it’s already in your face ? your tanking it right ??? Rant over… I could go on for far too long on this.
Critical Block now also increases your chance to critically hit with your Shield Slam by 5/10/15%.
Nice threat boost and DPS boost
Sword and Board no longer triggers when Shield Slam is used, but the chance to trigger has increased to 3/6/9/12/15%. Note these are not final numbers.
Talent was meh, now it’s pointless. I liked the suggestions that it should proc a second shield slam.
Intensify Rage and Precision swapped locations.
Well ok.
Enrage now increases damage done by 3/6/9/12/15%, limitation on number of attacks removed.
Nice trade off
Improved Whirlwind now increases damage of Whirlwind by 10/20%, no longer reduces cooldown.
Will see when it is unbugged, but kind of like that change
Furious Attacks changed to use PPM (procs per minute) to make it trigger at the same rate regardless of weapon speed. Note that dual-wielding and haste still improve your chances.
Considering that wounding poison now has a 100 % proc chance, I see no reason for that change.
Titan’s Grip still needs a counterbalancing element, but what it will entail and how severe it will be is still being evaluated.
Normalize instant attacks so that they are treated like 1 handers ?


All in all I’m very disappointed to see some changes that would solve issue for a tree given to another. Justified Killing went to arms, but prot needed it most. Arms suffer from mobility issue and yet, it’s prot that receive the charge in combat talent.

Many questions have been asked and still left unanswered :
– What are your goal  with stances ? Are each tree supposed to use one default stance ?
– Is Arms Supposed to use 2 handers or 1 handers now ? (Sudden death has been proven efficient when dual-wielding) Dumping all our rage when you have 3 seconds left until the next swing isn’t a good idea.


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