Rogue changes – 1st part – General philosophy

As with about every other classes, rogues were bound to get several changes in WOTLK.  The main grip coming from the official forums, which is still the easiest way for Blizzard to gather player feedacks, was that every rogue was either using sword (PvE) or mace (PvP) and not dagger, which should be the class staple. Multilate was considered an inferior build, Combat the way to go for sustained raid dps and Subtelty a strong PvP oriented build. For once, Blizzard intended to listen to their player base and made clear to revive the dagger dps and to make every talent spec viable in both PvE and PvP.

Now let’s make something clear. I don’t care about daggers. I don’t see my rogue as a deadly assassin acting from the shadows, I picture Maljjin as a light armored straight up damage dealer. Sure, I use stealth and stuns, but those are merely tools for me to kick your teeth down your throat. I could care less about every dagger buff we’ll get, all I want is the progression of my tools to kick some asses. I’m already topping the meters, so I don’t expect much from the changes, just enough things to help stay where I am. As for the “every spec should be viable in both PvE and PvP” motto, I call bullshit. Why ? We’re going again with the optimization process. Maybe should I tell you now that I have a degree in economics…hehe Regardless of the talents, there will be always an optimal PvE spec and an optimal PvP spec. Dedicated players will use them and switch between as is it now. Dedicated players won’t take a 80 % performance in both worlds when they can easily reach 100% with a simple and cheap respec. I mean… come on, 50g to respec, it’s ridiculously easy to muster that money. It will be even easier if Blizzard finally allow to switch between to specs quickly and cheaply as they hinted. So yeah, they can try to make each talent tree viable in each game aspect, but is performing under the optimum (100%) is really being viable ? Sure, you won’t be useless, but you’ll be subperforming which is not fun and hindering your progress, wheter it’s in Arenas or Raids. When the other two rogues outdps you in a tough dps encounter in a raid, what do you think the raid leader will say ? A) Pick up your game, you’re slacking or B) You should look at your talent spec; with the consequences you’ll be sidelined if things doesn’t change. The same thing can be said about Arenas. When your team is stuck at a certain rating, you’ll be ask to do things differently.

Back to the rogue changes. What did we get so far ? A lot of improvments for the Assassination tree making it a viable raiding spec on paper, some lackluster work on the Combat tree consisting of many PvP oriented talents deeps in a tree centered on sustain raiding dps, good ideas worked in the Subtlety tree. I’m not a big PvPer, I’m not very good at it, but on paper, I’d say that the changes in the Subtlety tree are line with the global tree philosophy and looks good. Am I disappointed ? Hell yeah ! At least, it was expected… I’m currently testing the combat tree changes, it’s look okay for levelling, we’ll see later for the raiding game as the premades are finally available to the number crunchers, a thing I’m not that good at.

Some good general changes are worth mentionning. Our numerous reageants are now gone (thieve’s tools and flash powder mainly), which can’t hurt our bag space. Not I’ve ever lack bag space, but there’s so many pack rats out there. I’m not sure the poison change will really have an impact. What’s the difference between crafting poisons for X gold or buying them for the same amount ? They’ll take the same space in my bags as I will want a bit of everything to be ready for every situation. Reduced cooldown on Evasion, Sprint and Vanish ? Hell yeah baby ! I like havaing short cooldowns, specially when one of them completly negates all my threat. The longer cooldown on Cloak of Shadows is a shame, it’s really a reaction to all the casters whining if you ask me. Please, don’t get me start on how it became World of Castercraft over time…

Maljjin, your resident badass

Soon : More comments on specific changes


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