Not many updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been waiting for a munch of changes to the DPS trees in order to make some posts. However, as it stands now blizz doesn’t seem to want to change anything else than what has changed so far.

We can definitely expect some balancing measures of prot DPS as repports on the forums shows that prot warriors wearing DPS leather gear outdps in some cases or does as much dps in other cases as Fury (arms is still lagging behind).

Based on history we will see prot being nerfed rather than fixing fury and arms. Speaking of fury, we can expect a huge itemization issue du to the latest changes to Titan Grip. The +15 % miss chance to specials means that fury will need a hell lot of +hit to make up for that miss rate. Something that has been shown as scare in Naxx gear (1st raid of wotlk).

The dev has yet to answer the following question : what is your intent with Arms ? Is it still the PvP Tree ? The PvE utility Tree ? The tree was plagued with RNG (Sword Spec, Mace Spec) something they intended in fixing by adding a CD to SS and changing Mace spec (no more stun). And yet talents like “Taste for Blood” and “Sudden Death” came in, both of which are very dependant on the RNG.


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