A slap in the face, followed by an iron fist, what’s next ?

build 8962 Changes

Yeah, new build has been deployed on the beta realm last night. Here’s the changes (and my comments on those).


  • Trauma now affects all melee critical strike.
    • Not a huge buff, but we’ll take it. There’s barely any bleed effect worth using in raid settings and this doesn’t affect mangle. Mostly, a solo buff.
  • Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (Tier 4) has been reduced to 3 ranks. Now increases damage done with two-handed weapons by 2/4/6%. (Previously 1/2/3/4/5%)
    • God, at last, THE 2-Handed tree of THE weapon specialist had the worst talent Specialization of all classes.
  • Justified Killing has been removed.
    • I always thought it’s placement clunky, should have been a prot talent. Just sucks that they entirely removed it. Why not make this talent a baseline ability ?
  • Iron Will (Tier 2) now reduces the duration of all Stun and Charm effects used against you by 7/14/20%. (Previously 10/20/30%)
    • It’s been nerfed to be in line with other talents that provides the same snare reduction
  • Improved Thunder Clap has been moved to Tier 1 Protection.
    • Good thing, imp TC should have been placed there a while ago (the day TC was made usable in def stance).
  • Tactical Mastery has been moved to Tier 2 Arms.
    • I still don’t want to switch from zerker to battle stance every time Overpower lights up especially that it is based on the RNG so much, or that rend needs to be refreshed. Carpal tunnel syndrome inc.


  • Titan’s Grip now only reduces your chance to hit with damage-dealing abilities requiring a weapon. (Old – All melee abilities)
    • Makes the penalty less steep, but still a huge one for poorly geared warriors
  • Unending Fury (Tier 10) now reduces the rage cost of your Slam, Whirlwind and Bloodthirst abilities by 1 and doesn’t affect Enraged Assault anymore.
    • Talent was crappy, it’s even more now. Hint : Rage reduction talents are boring, especially in a tree that is flooded with rage
  • Heroic Leap has been removed.
    • Too many bugs plagued the ability, since they couldn’t fix it, they removed it.
  • *New Talent* Heroic Fury (Tier 9) – Removes any Immobilization effects and refreshes the cooldown of your Intercept ability. (45 Sec Cooldown)
    • Not that arms warriors scream that being in battle stance makes them very vulnerable to kitting. no no, not at all. Fury gets a free Escape artist dubbed with an intercept refresh. Nice buff for them though. They needed something to replace Heroic Leap
  • Bloodthirst (Tier 7) healing reduced from 1.5% of your max health to 0.6% of your max health.
    • Arms have to eat / bandage after every mobs, while fury can keep going and going… No problem, we’ll just nerf Bloodthirst to the ground.
  • Booming Voice (Tier 1) is now 2 ranks and increases the area of effect and duration of your Battle Shout, Demoralizing Shout and Commanding Shout by 25/50%. (Old – 10/20/30/40/50%)
    • This doesn’t fix the fact that the baseline duration is too short.
  • *New Talent* Armored to the Teeth (Tier 1) – Increases your Strength by 1/2/3 for every 400 armor value you have.
    • This is why booming voice got changed to 2 ranks. Nice try, but this won’t lure warriors out of wearing leather gear. It’s a nice addition for tanks, but for DPS, we’ll still skip that one as we WILL still wear leather.


I won’t list protection changes, they were just some tweaks to keep them in line.

I’m growing more and more concerned to the future of DPS warriors though, as build from build we see our feedback (not always posted in a constructive way) being completely neglected. I could list at least 5 different consolidated threads that explain the issues we have. All of them having well thought suggestions to resolve them. NONE of them has a blue response in it.

We’re starting to see “famous” names threatening Blizz regarding the way we’re treated. I guess their threat will be something along the lines of quitting the game altogether but in some spectacular way, so that many will follow suit.

I for myself is starting to consider to NOT buy the expansion.

Meanwhile…. look  at this


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