Sudden death adjustment

Note : I would have posted this on the beta forums, but for some reason I just can’t long in to the forums with my 2 beta accounts

Given that arms is a 2-Hander oriented tree, I feel that sudden death needs some type of adjustment, because dumping all of our rage when the next swing is coming in 3.5 seconds can be disastrous (both for PvP and PvE). The current implementation favors dual wielding, since rage generation is more fluid (even given the lack of dual wield talents in arms).

I’ve been thinking this over and I tried to come up with a suggestion that would make Sudden Death more viable for 2 handers.

Sudden death (3 ranks)
Your melee Critical Strikes have a 33/ 66/ 100 % chance to allow the use of execute (Base dmg only), regardless of the target’s health for free. This Effect cannot occur more than once per 10 seconds.

By changing it so, we remove a huge part of the RNG that plagued this ability, the 10 second cooldown is there prevent the ability to be overpowered while at the same time making it very easy to fill in a rotation something that is outright missing from being in battle stance and lastly doesn’t favor dual wielding. Making it rage free doesn’t interrupt rage generation. The ability would still scale at lvl 80 since execute now has AP in its dmg formula.

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