List of constructive feedback posts

Stumbled upon this gem, I had to repost it here

For all those saying “Oh you guys never post any constructive feedback”, here’s some of the many threads that have been started since way back when. Most if not all of these have been summarily ignored. The issues presented in these threads have been dismissed without response, or made worse through a succession of pre-data-gathering “because-we-felt-like-it” nerfs. If you’re wondering why warriors are so bitter, take a look at the wild-eyed innocence of the past, when we actually believed that the people in charge were actually listening to what we pathetic peons had to say.
(By the way, I’ve ignored the weeks and weeks worth of Titans Grip threads, because it’s obvious that Blizz has already set it in stone and will never ever admit that they made a big mistake with it)
Shouts: Issues and Discussion
Threat Generation: Warrior vs Pally vs DK
Warriors, Shield Wall, & the Global Cooldown
[Research] 3.0 Specs at 70 with test data
[suggestion] Damage Shields
[Research] test results for dps builds
[Feedback] Arms Tree
Warriors and Gear Dependecy
[Suggestion] Bladestorm (one of many)
Hit Rating, Stats and Warriors
[Suggestion] Improved stance talents
Rage Generation
Arms and shield abilities
Arms & Fury – Suggested Changes and Review
[Suggestion] Talent for % STR to Crit Rating
Fixing Arms – Stance Dancing, Bladestorm, Etc
[Suggestion] Battle Stance = Swiss Army Knife
What Warriors Want (Master List)
[Suggestion] Stance Changes
[Suggestion] Unending Fury
[Discussion] Warrior Cooldowns
Please feel free to post the many, MANY other constructive suggestions and feedback threads. Even if the devs never bother to read them, at least we’ll be able to point to them the next time someone says “oh you guys never provide constructive feedback”.

Adding new ones as people point them out.
Warrior Stance Penalties = Outdated Concept.
[FeedBack] Overview of Prot as of 8982 (As provided by Nyd)
[Feedback] The Fury Warrior
Some concerns of warriors


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