RE : Arms warrior Feedback

First, we’re not dramatically overhauling warrior stances. At least not now. We have talked about it quite a bit, and it’s something we might do in the future, but it does require a lot discussion. So we aren’t taking away the penalties and we aren’t adding a bonus to Arms for now. However, if there are less dramatic changes that totally “fix” Battle Stance for you, feel free to mention those. An example might be putting Pummel into Arms (perhaps with a talent).

Ok, at least we got a response. I’m disappointed by it, but at least we know it won’t change. A few things there :
1- If pummel comes to Battle stance as part of a talent, do it in an already existing talent, Arms tree is already plagued by fillers, we don’t need more. As an arms DPS the 1st 2 tiers forces me to spend a minimum of 7 “useless’ talents (DPS oriented) We can say the same for Tier 6.
2- Make sure to do something regarding the lack of mobility too, we stated it a lot of times, we lack mobility while in Battle stance
3- CC prevention is also a big issue, due to the lack of berzerker rage, but sometimes it’s not an option (instant abilities == you’re CC’ed)
4- Lack of instants / Lack of GCD, Due to the RNG nature of Sudden death and the Taste For blood talents, we either lack an instant attack to use if neither of them procs or a huge lack of GCD when both of them procs (See my suggestion post for that)

Second, Bladestorm. Currently it allows you to use white attacks and we’re inclined to leave it that way. It can do an awful lot of damage right now, so I hope your feedback isn’t that it doesn’t hit hard enough. I know several people want it to break fear instead of just prevent it.

Allowing whites to keep going was a 1st step in the right direction, This prevents us of having a few seconds of being rage starved after using the ability

Third, Sudden Death. Some people love it because it’s actually a decision when it lights up. Other people hate it for the same reason.

I like and I hate the ability at the same time. It puts so much focus on dual-wielding, and as you stated arms is about 2 handers, we have no talents make sit easier to Dual Weild. The burst it can provide is very fun thought. The talent also uses any utility under 20 %

Fourth, Wrecking Crew. This is pretty much just a discussion of the Enrage mechanic, unless you just think the numbers are off or something.

10 % damage increase, I’m not sure if I like this talent, I mean Enrage used to be 40 % and used to stack with Death Wish. I’ll probably skip this one in favor of putting more points in fury (for imp execute and DW spec), I’m sure the DPS loss will make up for it.

I shouldn’t need to remind you of this, and many of you will probably disagree anyway, but warriors are exceedingly difficult to balance. Because of the way rage works, it is really easy to make warriors too weak or too powerful and hard to hit the sweet spot. And yes, you are very gear-dependent.

I leveled 1-70 as prot spec in green / blue gear, my 1st epic had been a flurry axe I got at lvl 43 (which was given by a guildie) so I can definitely see what you mean there (the axe alone made so much difference) Today I’m mostly dressed up in S3 / T4-5 gear and can grind quite easily on my own (on live). Currently in beta I have to spot to eat every other mob, you can’t imagine how it’s a pain to do so (the 1st mob usually get destroyed quickly due to a good string of SD/TFB procs, the 2nd takes forever to kill because I have a dry period). I’d be curious to see how a green / blue geared warrior fares in Northrend. My guess would be that they WILL get killed if they get an unlucky string of non-procs. I dunno if it’s me but it seems that the plate I’m wearing doesn’t provide as much protection as it used to do in TBC.

Suggestions :
Streamline the arms tree, like I said in the 1st section, from a PvE DPS point of view, many talents are “useless” of very bland for an arms warrior (DPS).

Improved Rend : Now that the damage has been adjusted, it might be worth taking. I would however allow it to take both weapons damage’s into account ( I know, this might be a little dangerous with TG, but hey, it still has thet 15 % miss, so its counterbalanced, right ?)

Deflection : Tanking talent

Improved charge : Range > Rage. Also it’s too situational; I rarely ever use it outside of grinding. In raids I never charge. Maybe allow charge to be used in combat (but 0 rage generated and busts the CD of intercept ?)

Iron Will : mostly a PvP talent, don’t touch it

Tactical mastery : Having more than 1 point here lost a lot of appeal when Disarm and Spell Reflect had their rage cost lowered.(Pvp-Wise) As far as PvE goes, this will still help for stance dancing, which we’re expected to do.

Tier 3 (Imp Overpower, Anger Management, Impale, Deep Wound) : ALL these talents are MANDATORY, spread them over

2H Spec : Brought in line with other classes, thx

Taste For Blood : Maybe add Deep Wound ticks (on a lower proc %) Can charges stack, not just refresh the timer ? This could also make for an interesting strategy where we could stay in zerker stance, see the Charges accumulate (up tp 3) then switch to battle do our 3 Overpowers, refresh rend then go back to Zerker stance. Currently I feel I’m forced to stay in battle stance in order to not waste charges. Speaking about deep wound, can ticks “roll” like ignite does This would also be useful for another ability I’ll suggest later on ?

Poleaxe > Mace > Sword : 5 % more crits means more Sudden death procs (lowers the effect of RNG), 15 % armor pen means more rage per hit, more rage to use ability. Sword : yet another stack of RNG over the already RNG dependant tree

Sweeping Strikes : Can we have this back to 10 charges ? This would give Dual Wielding more viability. (I know you guys want us to use 2 handers, but unless SD changes, I WILL dual wield).

Improved intercept : If I sit in battle stance, Intercept is not something that is readily available, this talent would be more fitting in fury. Allow us to use charge in combat to compensate.

Imp Hamstring : PvP talent, stacks with the glyph, may allow it to do 5 pts of dmg (just enough to destroy totems) but prevent it from triggering procs (as this seems to be the reason why it’s been nerfed that way)

Trauma : Nothing to say here

Second Wind : PvP talent, not much use in PvE, can stay as is though

Mortal Strike : The staple ability of our tree, what defines an arms warrior. I’m somehow sad to see it given to other classes, but I guess in the end this was inevitable.

Strength of Arms : Bland talent, but if you wanted pummel in battle stance to be rolled into a talent, I guess this would be the logical choice, same for an in combat charge if you want to prevent other trees from having access to that kind of mobility

Imp Slam : Talent was made obsolete in fury, was given to us, which is nice. Definitely a 2 hander talent, I will however most likely skip it if I Dual Wield.

Improved MS : -1 sec CD, when the GCD is 1.5 doesn’t change much, maybe have it lower the CD by 1.5 Seconds ? Or it Battle stance could give the benefit of having a GCD of 1.0 this wouldn’t be an issue.

Unrelenting assault : Same problem as Imp MS 1 sec CD when the GCD is of 2 sec, if you factor in latency, there’s no use to take more than 1 point ins this talent

Sudden Death : dumping all your rage in 1 attack can often spell death especially when you swing every 3 seconds. It is why it favors dual wielding. Also, this talent looses any use under 20 %. To fix that I would do the following :
“Allows a free execute (base dmg only) on your target regardless of its health state. If the target is already under 20 % the attack WILL be a critical strike. Effect cannot occur more than once every 10 second.” That way, you don’t dump all your rage in one attack, which in turn completely removes the advantage of dual wielding. This would also integrate quite nicely in a rotation.

Endless Rage : The changes to windfury made this talent a little more worth, but it is still bland, maybe allow use 1 “free” stance switch per 30 seconds ? This would again fit perfectly with the rotation I try to have you put in place.

Blood Frenzy : The talent that made me come from prot, I hate to have it seen cut in half. The haste is a welcome addition, although I still find this quite lacking.

Wreking crew : 10 % damage increase after we score a critical, that’s nice but not very “attractive” it’s more of a passive change more than anything.

Bladestorm : It is very easy to avoid though, which makes it not much different than retaliation, could we have the ability do some kind of slowing effect around us so that way we could at least get a few hits in ? Other example, we get to the target, use Bladestorm, target blinks, sprint, use whatever they can to close distance, there’s nothing we can do about it, we have to close the distance by walking.

New ability :
Vicious Blow : Consumes all Bleed effect currently on the target to deal their maximum damage 10 rage 15 second cooldown (Arms Tier 10)
Improved vicious Blow : your vicious blow heals you for 3 % of the damage dealt (Arms Tier 11)

Rotation Philosophy :
Given the changes to how Deep wound ticks and the charges to taste for blood are put in place the intent is to have us use the following rotation :
white –> rend –> Zerker Stance –> white –> MS –> white –> execute (Sudden death) –> white –> slam –> white –> ww (by that time, we should have our 3 taste for blood charges) –> Battle stance –> OP –> OP –> OP (by now we would have deep wound stacked 5 times) –> Vicious blow –> Execute (Sudden death)
The rotation would provide interesting burst potential, it would still make use of the RNG would be less dependant on being stationary than the current slam rotation we use. If vicious blow is implemented, this would lower downtime and provide an additional instant attack based on the use of bleed effects on the current target.

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