Build 9014 Changes

Note : the build number is over 9000 !!!!
  • Sword Specialization – This effect cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds.
    Old nerf, why did they finally put it in the patch notes ? My guess is it now affects all ranks rather than rank 5 only. Well that spec will now remain as craptastic as it is. Poleaxe > Mace > Sword. Axe will definitely the spec to use with Sudden death.

  • Armored to the Teeth – Attack Power instead of Strength armor value require lowered. (Now 1/2/3 AP for every 180 armor.) (Old 1/2/3 strength for every 400 armor)
    should be 1 AP per 180/120/60 armor, that way if you don’t have a full 180 armor, you still get the part of the AP bonus.

  • Thunder Clap – Maximum targets removed.
    Wow, nice change this will definitely help tanking Multiple mobs. This is great news.
  • Revenge – Damage increased (Now Rank 9 – [1454.0 + AP * 0.207] to [1776.0 + AP * 0.207]) (Old Rank 9 – [652.0 + AP * 0.093] to [796.0 + AP * 0.093])
    Ouch ? Revenge WILL hit like a truck now.
  • Sword and Board – Now effects Revenge.
    Good, that and the damage increase of Revenge will make the ability worth using once more.
  • Shield Slam – Damage increased (Now Rank 8 – 990 to 1040 damage) (Old Rank 8 – 756 to 794 Damage)
    Was done in order to compensate for the devastate nerf when not tanking.


Another change that will “eventually” (by realease I guess) will come to use is the availability of Berserker Rage in all stances. This is a great news ! More rage generation, a fear break in all stances. This change will help tanking and Arms (battle stance). Now if we can get an interrupt and an in combat charge, Batlte stance arms would get viable.


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