Lack of updates

I know I haven’t posted in a while, life can be a frickin @#$@# sometimes and screw your plans royally.

WotLK has been out for a month and a half now, hence Sheldreyn should have been 80 for at least two weeks considering my usual playtime.

But due to some recurring string of bad luck, she’s stucked at 78, questing in Grizzly Hills. On the good side, she already is 450 mining and 440 Blacksmith, which will allow me to craft lvl 80 gear as soon as I hit 80 or gets the necessary mats. (Spiked Titansteel set, I’m looking at you !)

So, how’s been the leveling ? Not bad actually, the fact I had a mix of T5 / S3 / Badge gear allowed me le plow through the quests quite easily. I’m now in grizzly hills and changed very few things until I hit lvl 78.

I had the occasion to do a few 5 mans, which are really awesome! They are quick, and quite easy so far (but I guess this is mainly a gear / skill thing). Speaking with my boss the other day (who is another WoW player), I was telling him how the instances in wrath are quick and easy. That same day, during lunch time, we ran Drak’Tharon Keep in just under 22 minutes, from summoning to hearthing back to town.

I’ve come to discover and appreciate a few new skills / talents: Bladestorm, Taste For Blood, Sudden Death and Enraged regeneration.

  • Bladestorm, great for dispatching a small pack of mob (up to 5 mobs). When used in conjunction with Sweeping Strikes, cleave and retaliation, very few mobs will survive this.
  • Taste For Blood, finally something that gives Rend a utility, it sees less use when grinding due to the speed at which the mobs tend to die, but it offers a nice synergy with Overpower when it crits and Deep Wounds on Bosses and definitely gets part of he “rotation”
  • Sudden Death, aka the mob burster. We live and die by that skill it’s not rare to hit a mob once, get a proc, execute and have the mob dead or very close to. Other ties you are waiting on it to proc, and waiting some more… RNG is not fun 😦
  • Enraged Regenaration, I had mixed feelings about that skill. I wasn’t sure it would be so handy, I mean we lack healing it’s a fact, so we have to rely on pots / bandages or a pocket healer, especially since it consumed an enrage effect, but I found out while grinding that it really allowed to cut downtime. One gripe is that it’s an HoT instead of direct healing.

I’ve seen had some issues with caster type of mobs due to a lack of interrupt in Battle Stance. AoE farming is tricky since once again intercept is in Berserker Stance.

Damage isn’t that bad, I need to benchmark it though. I haven’t checked it specifically in a while though.

I really like how the new zones are made though, they feel very “alive”. The music is just superb, I’ve always had a taste for Celtic like music.

So far, great expansion, can’t wait to see what will be coming up in the next few patches.


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