Concise Warrior concerns

Shamblez on the US Forums came up with an interesting thread regarding arms viability in PvP. I know I try to stay away from PvP like the plague, but still some of the issues he listed are right on spot. you can read the thread here.

Down below, are my own answer / acknowledgment of the issue he listed.

1) Is generating no rage on shielded targets considered to be a balanced mechanic or are possible alternatives being considered?

This issue is also present in PvE, in a much lesser extent but still present. Some bosses have shields we must break through, during that time we generate no rage and our DPS sinks. Other classes can keep on DPSing like before, their own DPS only slightly dropping (due to falling debuffs), for us we can simply auto-attack and wait until the shield goes down.

Once the shield is busted we have to rebuild a small rage reserve to resume our “rotation”, which in turn keeps our DPS low for a few more seconds than the other classes

2) Is it intended for the new Arms tree to be so heavily dependant on RNG or was it maybe taken a bit to that extreme, and if so are there any plans to making the damage from that tree seem more on demand?

If a fight requires us to frequently move, how many “on-demand” instant ability (not ruled by the RNG) do we have at our disposal ? The answer is Mortal Strike, as slam has a cast time, Execute requires the target to be below 20 %, all other attacks have such a long CD that we can’t fit them into a “rotation”.

We can we have incredible burst when all the stars aligns, but when they don’t it’s dark and we can’t shine. I’m just throwing up numbers, but I’m pretty sure it is close to that, the same person 2 raids (2 resets) can come up with nearly 30 % difference  in those 2 evening solely based on good or bad RNG. Yeah most of the time you’d be closer to the “middle” (15%). Having some RNG is fun, and if between 2 nights you had 10 % difference because you hit the extremes (1 night being super lucky, the other not being so lucky) that’s still be ok because most of the time you’d be in that sweet 5% (which you seem to want pure/hybrids to stand)

As a side effect, those once in a lifetime night where all those lucky RNG strings procced will show that we either are “OP”. at the other end of the spectrum, we’re underpowered and a liability. Ultimately, the game is also balanced around that top 0.001 % player, so when the star will align on a skilled player, if any numbers are made public, you will definitely see nerfs coming.

We definitely need to have the effect of RNG lessened. Should we scrap Sudden Death ? No not at all, why? Because it’s a fun ability, but be must NOT be dependant on it, it must be icing on the cake.

We need another instant attack at medium rage cost to fill out a “rotation”, it’s damage shall not be too high as we want it to be replaced by Execute when Sudden Death procs and we may as well replace it with overpower when Taste for blood Procs. For example an attack that would deal  65 % Weapon DMG (normalized) on a 3 second CD (2.5 if talented) which ignores the target’s armor, that way it is inferior to slam as it is normalized, inferior to Overpower due to the later’s innate ability to crit, but still allows you to use it on the move and more importantly fits into a “rotation”. The ignore armor is there to work another issue we face versus plate wearer and high armor targets.  As a balancing measure, you could either put a cap at the amount of rage used by Execute when used following a sudden death execute, or add a small CD to the Sudden Death proc itself.

3) When comparing overall damage to survivability ratio between the three plate wearing classes (Paladin, Deathknight and Warrior) do you feel that things are balanced?
(In terms of damage capabilitiy physical vs spell for example, survivability is pretty self-explanatory)

As mentioned further in the thread, the issue was DPS specs (wearing plate) versus other plate wearing classes. It is quite difficult to apply in PvE so I’ll try to bite to the PvP side of that statement.

The issue seems to be twofold :

First, since they wear plate, we generate less rage / hit, which in turn means less DPS, hence a 30 Rage Mortal Strike costs us more than that same 30 Rage Mortal Strike on a Rogue for example. The cost is higher du to the time needed to generate that much rage on a plated target rather than on a leather wearing one. Also, all of our attacks generate less damage / hit due to the physical nature of our attacks (ignoring bleed effects)

Second, most of their damage is considered magic, which bypasses our armor completely. They deal the same damage to plate that they would deal to cloth or leather. We have no way to mitigate such damage.

It is also for those reason that I proposed that the new instant attack bypasses armors and shall be a low rage cost attack. Those 2 factors would help us recover some ground between other plate wearers and us.

4) Are stance restrictions for certain abilities such as 1) Pummel 2) Rend 3) Overpower still considered a functional and desired warrior mechanic? Mostly in regards to Pummel as Arms is lacking a convenient interrupt due to it being balanced around battle stance.

Arms lacking an interrupt is also an issue in PvE. Using a 2 hander, and being in battle stance, I need to either switch to Zerker stance to pummel  with all the penalties that involves, for example eating the spell anyway with 10 % more DMG due to  being late on the stance switch, or use macros to switch to a sword and board, which will add another CGD before I can try to interrupt of reflect the spell.

5) Is weapon swapping invoking the GCD while in combat something that is considered to be ok, namely for a class like warriors which rely on frequently switching between a 2 hander and sword and board to use basic functions such as spell reflect, shield wall, and possibly shield bash? This could also help with the issue of Arms not having a readily accessible interrupt if equiping a shield didnt invoke the gcd to interrupt.

Somehow tied to issue #4, the fact that weapon swapping invokes the GCD makes it so that any interrupt ability has some kind of delay (either through the Stance swapping or the GCD) which in the end lowers our survability.

It was spoken of a talent that would allow the use shield abilities with a 2 hander, Even if it were a 41 pts talent, I’d gladly take it due to the survivability gain.

6) Is changing charge to a 1 second root mechanic, similar to druids feral bear charge being considered, to help alleviate some of the issues warriors are facing in terms of not landing near their opponent, the stun not landing and lastly by invoking an early DR on stuns?

DR on stuns, well, I can see it being an issue for prot spec since they have 4 controllable stuns : Charge / intercept, Concussion blow and Shockwave. For arms, we have Charge / Intercept. The only time we use Intercept right after a charge is usually when the later fails to get us to the target. If charge did it’s work correctly, we wouldn’t suffer that much from them sharing their DR. This is still a valid concern though.

This doesn’t affect PvE much since Bosses are immune to stuns anyway.

7) When comparing the damage sacrifice warriros take by equiping their shield and going into defensive stance to up their survivability to a druid going to bear form or a deathknight going into frost presence (which is further being buffed) are things considered balanced?

I’ll add to this by saying that when a DK wants to turtle, all he has to do is to switch to frost presence, a druid goes to bear form. A warrior needs to go to def stance AND switch to a 1h + Shield, which takes longer than their counterpart (1.5 sec more). If you’re eating raid like damage, the time this takes can be enough to spell your death. Again, removing the GCD on weapon swap would help with this.

8) With a resource like rage which can be plentiful or crippling scarce, is the 30 rage transfer between stances (if specced) considered to be a reasonable amount or are there any considerations of possibly slightly increasing the amount retained through stances?

I rarely get out of battle stance for that precise reason. The typical times I usually go to Berserker stance is to use recklessness (for the 3 free critical strike I’ll get). When I do this however, if I happen to miss my timing, it’s won’t be rare to have a white hit happen before I get back to battle stance. Since this hit IS a crit, It’s almost sure I’ll be over 30 rage, so that excess rage is lost in the process. Allowing us to retain all or at least 50 rage (all if talented) would alleviate this issue.

9) >>Open ended question<< Ultimately I made this last one for you to write anything you think the warrior or general wow community would be interested in. Possibly some insight on future changes that are being considered.

Warriors didn’t changed as much as other classes over the last 2 expansions. We are the class that resemble the most to our vanilla version. Many mechanics are outdated and in dire need of being reviewed. The warrior class can be a very fun class to play, but at the same time it IS the worst class of all.  PvE wise, we can really shine if the RNG shines for us, but when it doesn’t we’re at the bottom. RNG can be fun but not when it nullifies all measure of skill. Bring the skill back into the class, it’s all I hope.


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