Gearing up for Naxx

I’ve spent the last few days getting ready for Naxx, which we will raid for the first time tonight. So, I’ve been mining as much as I can in order to craft my spiked titansteel set :

As well as my frost resistance set :

I managed to get some “cheap” Eternal fire on the AH (30g per eternal), so this made the process faster as I didn’t have to farm them.

Sheldreyn is now sitting with the following stats :

  •    Attack Power: 2259
    Hit Rating: 292
    Crit Chance: 27.40%
    Expertise: 6

I still have to regem a few things as well as putting enchants on some pieces (gloves, weapon –> yeah I know I’m a noob for not having any enchant on my weapon).

I need to lower my hit rating as it is too high at the moment (264 is needed as arms), I’m still missing 7.6 % Crit to be “optimal” this will be the hard part to work on. Adding a few enchants and regemming accordingly will also get me closer to the 2.5k AP threshold.

I do not expect any upgrades on tonight’s run since we are now using Suicide King’s distribution method and that I had the “luck” to roll a high number when I was inserted into the list. Which means I’ll be one of the last people to get a shot at an upgrade. Only way for me to get an upgrade tonight would be if an item that “only” me would benefit drops.

I’ll try to provide an update on how the raid went tomorrow.


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