Spider Wing Cleared !

We went to Naxx last night, heroic mode (25 mans). The trash mobs are an AoEfest there’s not much strategy involved, have thetank tank the elite and the rest of the raid AoE the adds down.

Honestly there’s so much AoE going on that it’s hard to see what’s going on.

I’ve had a so so performance on thrash due to them dying so fast and being a 1 trick pony (Bladestorm). Next run I’ll see if it’s worth switching to berserker stance and use WW instead.

As far as bosses goes, I could clearly see that :

  1. Even though I read the strategy, you can’t really know how a fight goes until you experienced it.
  2. My gear wasn’t up to par with the rest of the raid (a quick  inspection of my fellow guildies showed me that I wasn’t the5th worst geared person on the raid
  3. Coordination and communication are the key, we’ve seen it on Faerlina
  4. Moving mobs kills my DPS, I can’t recall the number of slams I missed due to mobs moving out of range while I was casting slam.
  5. RNG can be a real pain, I got an average of 1 Sudden Death proc Every 21 seconds on Maexxna. Taste for blood was worse, with an average of 1 proc every 23.54 seconds

Here’s the WWS for the night :



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