Second trip to Naxx

We went to Naxx once more this week. I was hoping I’d be able to see something else aside the spider wing, which we had cleared last week. This was hugely depending on our ability to clear that said wing quick enough to allow us time to go in another wing.

First thing I noticed on the first pull : LLLLAAAAGGGGG, ho this isn’t going to be an easy night.

On our first try on Anub’Rekhan, we had a huge lag spike that resulted on our raid to have to deal with so many small spiders that we were instantly killed. A few minuets later, this seems to have lessen a bit (to the point of being bearable). We managed to down him on the 3rd try.

Grand widow Faerlina also went down on the 3rd try, one day I expect we’ll be able to 1 shot both of these encounters.

We 1 shotted Maenexxa, an almost clean kill. At that point no plate DPS drops has been seen, Maljjin would have been happy though, as lots of rogue gear dropped.

Lag came back as we were working on Noth, that killed our MT and 1st second tank before the 3rd tank could pick it up and survive the lag spike. We managed to one shot it anyways, but it was ugly. It would have been flawless if it were of that lag.

Ruthlessness dropped on that kill, considering it is the “Best in slot” ring I can get, I “Suicided” (We use SK list + loot council as our loot distribution system), pushing me back to spot 35th on the list.

Considering that Loved is working on make me the Titanium Impact “set”, I’ll be “all set”  when it comes to rings / neck. I’ll be sporting my best in slot items at that point. The rest I’ll need to get it through drops / rep or heroics.

A nice change we got in 3.0.8 is the bloodrage glyph , this is an awesome change, I’m an Arms DPS, so I don’t rally take priority in my healer’s list, so it was kind of frustrating to never start fights at 100 % hp. SO teh fact that bloodrage (glyphed) doesn’t cost any HP is just pure awesome.


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