Profitable evening in Naxx

You surely had those kind of evening before. You know, the one where you’re not feeling very well, where motivation isn’t at its top. The night where you feel like you should just lie down, read a book or something, but where you decided to go raiding anyway. Yesterdays was such a day for me.

I don’t know why but I didn’t felt very well a few hours before the raid was supposed to start. I even considered skipping it at some point. But, knowing that we were short on a few DPS, I came anyway.

When I logged in I had an email on my mail box : an Ice Striker Cloak was waiting for me, thanks to my friend Maljjin. It will be a nice upgrade from my Green lv 76 Cloak I had. Even though I’d loose 31 hit rating, the DPS gain from the Ice Striker is really worth it.

I wasn’t expecting any upgrades since I knew I was at the bottom of the SK list, having won Ruthlessness last week. On we went, we 1 shotted Anub’Rekhan, the fight went very smooth. Our tank tried a new positioning, which really helped us melee DPS (we stood in the doorway, so if we ever got pushed back, we we already in the wall).

The next target was Grand Widow Faerlina, we also managed to 1 shot her, despite the fact that our beloved priest “Loved” had some struggle with immune to Mind Control mobs. 1 plate DPS item dropped : Bracers of the Tyrant, I suicide, but had no real illusion on winning since I knew I was last in the list… Until Deathspore sent me a /w to tell me he’ll pass to allow me to get it, since it’s a way better upgrade for me than him (he’s wearing the 10 man version). Nobody else suicide for them, so I ended with those really nice wrist.

At that point my hit rating dropped to 202, still 62 under the hit cap. I was starting to get nervous as wether I’d get misses or not.  On the other hand, my expertise rating was increasing nicely and was reaching 18. I’d have to work on my hit rating, to bring it back up to 264, maybe if those leggings from Ingvar in Heroic Urthgarde dropped, I’d be all set.

Maexxna, the last boss of the spider wing gave us a little more issues, we wiped on 1st try as our tanks died during the web wrap. The second try was very clean though. Another plate DPS item dropped : Undiminished Battleplate, I knew I was pushing my luck if I suicide on that one, but hey you never know until you try. It seems luck was on my side since everybody else passed, so I ended up getting yet another upgrade, which allowed me to cap both my Hit and Expertise ratings.

We proceeded in clearing the plague quarter. Noth the Plaguebringer, is the first boss. We struggled with the second phase a few times, but managed to kill him on the 3rd try. No upgrades to report, I was almost hoping that no plate melee DPS item dropped.

We had to call the raid at that point, since it was already 11h00 Server time (and local time for me).

As if it wasn’t an already awesome evening lootwise, Loved told me that she had something for me : Titanium Impact Band, I had provided her with most of the mats needed for her to craft it, but it still requires a few JC-only items in order to craft it. It had taken her 10 days to gather all these mats (1 item / day, since it’s the reward of a daily quest)

In a single evening I had a whooping total of four upgrades. You can definitely call this a profitable evening :D.


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