First 3.1 Warrior changes on the PTR

Blizzard finally came up with the first part of their changes to the warrior class. As a PvE DPS standpoint, I’m pretty excited to see what they have in stock.  Let’s analyze them.


  • Battle Stance now increase the armor penetration of all your attacks by 10%.
    • At last Battle stance provides a buff, rather than just ‘no’ penalty. Although 10% ArP is around 1.75 % dps increase, which is still isn’t to make Arms competitive. But hey, it’s a buff nevertheless.
  • Shattering Throw *New Skill* – Throws your weapon at the enemy causing [ 50% of AP + 12 ] damage (based on attack power), reducing the armor on the target by 20% for 10 sec, and removing any invulnerabilities. 25 Rage, 30 yd range, 1.5 sec cast, 5 min cooldown
    • Clear PvP ability, 5 minutes cooldown is somewhat high considering it’s use (bursting bubbles). Will the 20 % armor reduction work on bosses ? It hasn’t been confirmed yet. It will stack with sunders however.


  • Berserker Stance now increase all damage taken by 5% (Down from 10%)
    • In PvE, this won’t change much to the current situation unless a fight is excessively AoE intensive, I mean your healers are used to heal you anyway. You will just be 5 % less of a strain to them. In PvP, this is a nice buff, not that this will tip the scale of survivability the other way around, but it will definitely help a little.
  • Intimidating Shout cooldown has been lowered from 3 min to 2 min.
    • Intimidating what ? Unless this crap stops breaking on 1 pt of dmg, it will still be as useless.


  • Defensive Stance now reduces damage caused by 5%. (Down from 10%)
    • Nice buff for prot, this will mainly offset the Deep Wounds bug fix (they fixed the double dipping of damage multiplier)
  • Disarm now disarm the enemy’s main hand and ranged weapons.
    • Sweet PvP buff, it should have been like that years ago.

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