3.2 PTR Patch notes for paladins


  • Blessing of Sanctuary: This blessing now also increases stamina by 10%. This effect is not cumulative with Blessing of Kings.
  • Charger: Can now be learned at level 40.
  • Exorcism: Now has a 1.5 second cast time, but can once again be used on players.
      • It’s a PvE nerf, but a PvP buff. They wanted to fix the problem of having an ability that worked differently in PvE versus PvP. I don’t like the solution they came up with, but we’ll have to cope with it.
  • Hand of Reckoning: Redesigned. Now does damage only when target does not currently have the caster targeted, but damage done increased to 50% of attack power, occurring after the taunt effect is applied.
    • Watch this ability get nerfed as soon as it hits the PTR and some player uses it against another player. (unless players are immune to this). Even then I think it can still be used against player’s pet.
  • Judgement of Light: Now heals for 2% of the attacker’s maximum health instead of a variable amount based on the spell power and attack power of the judging paladin.
    • Nice scaling buff, if you bring an undergeared pally that judge light, the rest of the raid doesn’t get penalized as much.
  • Lay on Hands: The buff from this ability now reduces the physical damage taken by the target by 10/20% instead of increasing the target’s armor.
    • I guess this is done to even out the benefit between tanks, since they don’t have all the same quantity of armor.
  • Righteous Fury: No longer has a duration or mana cost, remaining until cancelled or death. Also cancelled when a Paladin activates a different talent specialization.
    • Small ease of life buff
  • Sacred Shield: When a paladin casts Flash of Light on a target with this buff, they also now place a heal over time effect on the target, healing that target for 100% of the Flash of Light amount over 12 seconds.
    • The holy version of sheathe of light
  • Seal of Blood: This ability has been removed.
    • Back to Seal of casino I guess..
  • Seal of the Martyr: This ability has been removed.
    • Back to Seal of casino I guess..
  • Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption: These seals have been redesigned to deal substantially more damage. Now, once a paladin has 5 copies of the debuff from these seals on his or her target, on each swing the paladin will deal 33% weapon damage as Holy, with critical strikes dealing double damage.
    • Seal of casino for trash, that seal for bosses
  • Shield of Righteousness: Now deals 100% of shield block value as damage instead of 130%.
    • Small damage nerf
  • Warhorse: Can now be learned at level 20.
    • Yay !
  • Talents
    • Holy
      • Beacon of Light: The healing amount on the Beacon of Light target is now based on the total healing done (including over-healing) instead of the effective healing done. Radius increased to 60 yards. Multiple Paladins can now have this active on the same target. Buff indicating a player is within range of the Beacon target is no longer displayed.
      • This is a major buff to holy paladins, since they used to overheal alot.
      • Divine Intellect: This talent now gives 2/4/6/8/10% increased intellect instead of 3/6/9/12/15%.
      • Small nerf
      • Illumination: This talent now returns 30% of the mana cost of the spell instead of 60%.
      • Major nerf
    • Protection
      • Ardent Defender: Redesigned. Currently, any damage taken by the paladin while at 35% health or below is reduced. Instead, any attack that would reduce the paladin to 35% health or below has its damage reduced. In addition, once every 2 minutes an attack that would have killed the paladin will fail to kill, and instead set the paladin’s health to 10/20/30% of maximum.
    • Retribution
      • Art of War: Now only applies to melee critical hits, but will make your next Flash of Light or Exorcism instant.
      • At first I was OMG that’s nice, until I realized it now triggers only from melee strikes. That REALLY sucks.
      • Crusader Strike: Damage reduced to 75% weapon damage to match the new 4 second cooldown.
      • At least, we won’t be waiting on the CD as much as we used to.
      • Seal of Command: Redesigned. This seal now deals 36% weapon damage on every swing, and deals substantially less judgement damage.
      • This will become the “trash” seal, with Seal of Corruption being the bosses’s seal
      • Vindication: Redesigned. Now lowers target attack power, is consistent and does not stack with Demoralizing Shout.
      • Nice PvE utility buff, I will definitely end up using it.

Overall the Paladin class will see a LOT of changes, Retribution will be less bursty up front than it used to. We’ll see how they will fare in the long run. I’m really not sure they will be as good as they currently are. I expect to have some numbers tweaked here and there during the PTR phase. It will however bring more interesting mechanism to the class. (Proc watching, more reactive.)


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