And now enters a new contestant

Patch 3.2 brought in an interesting change : Experience gains in battlegrounds. This change has 2 effects :

  1. It is now possible (but slow) to level through Battlegrounds only (assuming you are level 10 obviously)
  2. Weeds out twinks in their own special bracket*

*Twinks can disable the exp gain by visiting a specific NPC in Oggrimmar or Stormwind. Doing so put them in their own bracket though. (When you disable Exp gain, you will only face players that has also disabled their Exp gain)

These changes allows the more casual pvpers to enjoy a content that they would get steamrolled over and over. Well, you will still meet a twink from time to time, but they will definitely be less common now.

Based on that, I decided to create another alt (yes, another one…) just for the purpose of leveling it in the BGs (at least as much as possible).

And so Aghorn has been created. I rushed him to level 10 and intend to level him in the Battlegrounds.

I have no Idea how long this will take, how painful it will be but I will give it a shot.


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