Off to a nice start

Aghorn had is 2 first matches in Warsong Gulch last night. I was expecting to face long queue times between each game. This was one of my biggest fear when starting this project, if I’d had to wait 30 to 45 minutes per game, the project would have been killed quite quickly. I came out that the first game was instantly offered to me the moment I queued. And the second game was around 1 minute in queue. If this is the kind of queue I’ll be facing all along, this is excellent as it won’t hamper the leveling process too much.

As the first game started, I was quickly greeted by my first achievement:


Ho so quickly? But I was still in the flag room! As I knew I haven’t got my bear form yet, I knew I wasn’t fit for carrying the flag, so I opted to stay in defense and heal / help people with me. The strategy worked just fine, as I had to defend our flag on a few occasions. Luckily for me I wasn’t alone in the flag room, so it was just a matter of keeping my partner up while he dealt with the invaders.

First flag capped for us! Yes! More invaders, all dealt with promptly. Second Flag capped, only 1 more left. If we can hold our defense as we did, we might score a perfect game. Third flag came in as fast as the second did, giving us victory and two other achievements to boot:


Later in the evening I had the time to log on and play another match. This time, we went all offense to start. I would have stayed in defense, but since someone else said we should be “all O” I’d ended up alone to defend the flag. Something which I know that at level 10 is asking for suicide. So I followed the group across the battlefield.

At some point an holy pally, a mage and I were outdistanced by higher level folks (those that had access to travel forms). So the three of us stucked together as we’ve been spotted by a duo of ally. Without even speaking to each other, the pally and I knew what we had to do to survive : keep our mage friend alive. This is precisely what we did, regardless of the damage he was taking. Once the enemy was dispatched, the mage took the time to thank us for the heals. Its nice to see when your help is recognized.

By that time our speed group (those that had access to travel forms) we already on their way back to bring the flag home. We knew we’d have to recover ours on the way back, but I was confident we’d be able to get it if our mage would come across their flag carrier.

We met our flag carrier midfield, he was heading towards the alliance’s carrier. A quick Heal over Time on him and then we followed him. If he were to take on the flag carrier, I’d have to make sure he’d live through.

Visibly, the alliance wasn’t working as a team as well as we do, for taking the flag from their hands was pretty easy. Flag was capped a few seconds later.

I stayed in defense afterwards, expecting to have a few intruders which we did and dealt with. This allowed me to get another achievement (the last of the evening) :


The game ended nearly as quickly as the first game, again with a perfect score.

All in all, this was quite fun, the exp gain isn’t that big (351 exp per flag cap), since a game lasts a maximum of 20 minutes, that’s around 3k exp / hour. Its definitely less than what can be achieved by questing and grinding. I suppose blizzard will make some adjustment, after all they already stated they are watching the situation closely and that such a change would be very trivial.

I’ll definitely keep that project alive based on what I saw so far.


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