Rough Weekend

Played a few more games over the Weekend. 2 wins 4 losses, if I recall correctly. I managed to snatch some of the easier achievements: make_love_not_war know_thy_enemy100hk

I had the occasion of meeting a few good players over these battles. And despite the end results (4 losses), I can still appreciate their skill. I also had the honor of meeting the best prick I’ve seen in a battleground since I started this project. Mysticroots from realm Blood Furnace. This gentlemen had his own opinion of lowbies trying to level through BGs. 


I’d like to salute Deathlook from Shatterred Halls as well as Salastus from Velen, these 2 people proved that Mysticroot was just a big mouth. : Deathlook ended the BG with the most DMG done / and Killing Blows. Salastus ended up 1st in healing (he was really good, despite his level 12). I on my part ended 2nd on healing, despite my level 11. Our nice prick, ended 3rd on healing while being level 19.


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