Healing isn’t everything

Had few more matches over the last two evenings. I had the belief that what made the difference was how much people work together. This could easily be displayed in healing done and  the damage done versus the opposing forces. Well, I was proven wrong. In the consecutive games, where we lost the first game I ended up first in healing while some of my team mates had impressive numbers in terms of damage done compared to the alliance:


And yet, in the second game, where I barely had to heal and my team we won the match:healing_win

Lesson learned : you can’t do everything by yourself, your teammates must also support you, if you keep healing them when they just defend the midfield (as it happened in game one) you will loose most of the time.

On the other hand, if your team focus and work hard, you might not even have to heal that much.

Those games also game me the occasion to rack up a few more HKs:


As well as completing some other Achievements:wsg_expedience not_in_my_house

Ho and sometimes, you came upon names that gives you a smile :


After all these games, my record in WSG is 8-10-0.


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