There’s jerks everywhere

Played a few more matches over the last week. Some games were very fun, others were a long and painful experience. Two nights ago I saw that people can be real jerks at time.

Darkpaladin from realm Ghostlands (couldn’t armory him), was heading towards the ironman achievement (3 caps without dying within the same game). He was at 2 caps already without dying. We were dominating the alliance quite easily on that game (at least, this is the impression I got from the field) and we were already controlling the flag for the final cap. Frankenboner from the Undebog realm was running the flag. No allies were close to him, so Darkpaladin asked him if he could cap the flag so he could get the achievement. We all wanted him to get it, but boner being a smartass decided otherwise.


Gratz Frankeboner, you joined my wall of shame.

On a lighter note, I managed to get my 1000th Honorable Kill last night.



4 Responses to “There’s jerks everywhere”

  1. darkpaladin Says:

    im darkpaladin from ghostlands i switched realms dude ty for caring but i did get my acheivment

  2. darkpaladin Says:

    hay dude ya the reason u couldnt armory me is because my i is funky
    its alt code 0206 but my na enow is ashbringah from ysondre

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