Glad to have helped

Drunkshooter from realm Terrokar had luck on his side last night. We started WSG with no less than 5 lvl 19, 2 lvl 18, 1 lvl 15 and myself (level 12 at the time).

Such a combination could only mean that if we played right, we would be decimating the alliance and this is precisely what we did. For we won 3-0 and moreover,  Drunkshooter got the ironman achievement (3 caps in the same game without dying). I sticked to him most of the game and kept him alive without much problem (he’s pretty well geared and the ally we face made the mistake of not going for me).

1 cap, 2 caps, and 3 caps later he got his achievement and on my side I dinged level 13.

WSG record so far : 15-17


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