Is there a match making system ?

Played 3 more games last night, lost all of them. I don’t know why but each and every alliance team we faced had at least 5 people at level 19 whereas in our games, I got 1 game where we had 3 lvl 19. Moreover, those lvl 19 that we faced were twinks. You can tell that when an autoshot takes 1/4 of your life bar.

The 1st game, we managed to score once, the two others, we were so outclassed that we could barely defend our own flag with everyone in defense. What sucks is there doesn’t seem to be a distribution of the players that queue up. It rather looks like it’s a round-robin where teams are formed as people queue up. Why not just ‘try’ to have people within 2 lvls matched up together, heck there’s constantly 10 WSG going on on my battlegroup and queue times are under 2 minutes average. I’d rather wait 2 more minutes if the games were to be more balanced.

I’m starting to consider switching my mana / intellect enchants to stam enchants, so that way I can live longer. But then what good living is when you’re oom ?

Ho and I managed to snatch that achievement despite the loss streak.not_so_fast

In the second game we played I came a cross a really good paladin on the ally side, sucks that I forgot his name though, but despite being a twink he was really skilled. He mastered the use of hand of freedom perfectly, as he always seemed to use it just as I was about to root him. However, that player was also exploiting the terrain when he could (there is a spot you can reach on the ally side of WSG over the tunnel entrance, where you cannot be reached unless you know where to wall-jump to get there), that means he could get there and kill anyone that tried to climb without fear of retaliation (you can’t attack him but he can).


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