Slowly progressing

Switched most of Aghorn’s gear / enchants to use Stamina instead of Intellect / Mana. Went from ~450 HP to ~760 HP. My survivability, greatly increased since then. I do however run out of mana more often than I used to, but I have to admit that an half full mana pool is useless when you’re dead.

I also bought enchanting formula : greater stats for 2k… Yes that was expensive, but since the scrolls go for around 300g each, I expect that I’ll be covering that fee before I hit lvl 30 (where I’ll be able to enchant items ilvl 35) Until then I expect to use at least 4 other chest piece. So if manage to sell 2 or 3 scrolls, I’ll be saving money if I had bought all the scrolls.


This is the latest achievement I got. A guild member was surprise that I managed to get it at only level 13.

I’ve seen a few asshat that QQ about lowbies being part of their team, I have one thing to say to them : look at yourself before complaining. In one game some dude was whining  that we had too many lowbies, he was lvl 19 and yet, despite being a druid like myself, I had more HP and mana than he did. Sure he ended with more dmg than I did, but on the other hand I healed for more than his total dmg.

Its not because your are a lowbie that you can’t be an assets to your team. Know your role and you are more likely to help your team win.

Teamwork is important
The last game I played last night somehow pissed me off. There 4 ally guarding the flag. I’m with a shaman (18) and a warrior (17). None of them seems to want to run the flag (they waited idle for more than a minute). So I decide to go in, hoping they’d provide some type of cover / heals. I drop a stunning bomb, pick up the flag, start running, enter the tunnel, 10 feet in I die. I didn’t received any support all…

Heck, 1 heal and 1 enemy busy on the warrior is all I needed to be able to escape, but no I didn’t get that and we couldn’t even take the flag out of the flag room. Teamwork is important.


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