Karma ?

Last night, my banking toon hit the gold cap again (I usually send back a couple of K worth to my other toon when that happens). This time, since Maljjin’s hunter set his foot in Northrend, I’ve decided to help him out :

  1. 5000 : Epic Flyer Skill
  2. 200 : the actual epic flyer
  3. 1000 : Tome of Cold Weather Flying

As a result, I was 6.2k under the cap, which I assumed was enough to last as day or 2. Well, I guess its good Karma from my actions, as I had a couple of nice sales overnight and when I woke up I was back to the gold cap.

The biggest sale being an Iron Riveted War Helm which I had bought for ~450g and resold for 3365g09s15c (after AH Cut).

This morning I sent 25k to my lock, this will allow some room before hitting the cap again.


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