The Cataclysm fallacy

Let me start by saying that I really hope to be proven wrong, for if what I am about to discuss ends up to be true, the consequences could be disastrous.

Blizzard often stated that they want healer’s Mana to be meaningful in Cataclysm, and in order to do so, they will put in place mechanism that will force DPS to make sure to avoid unnecessary damage or else the healer will soon run out of mana.

I will focus on non raid content as even by blizzard’s own account, the majority of players aren’t raiding just yet (heck a while back they stated only 10 % of the new players go past level 10)

On paper, this idea sounds goods as it spreads the accountability of the group’s success across every team member, not just the healer and the tank as it is now. (How many times have you been part of a group where the tank and healers could have duo’ed the instance? I know that it happens pretty fairly often once they overgear the content)

The problem with wrath is that the dungeon finder arrived at a moment where most healer / tanks were already overgeared (except for IIC 5 mans). The perverse effect being that new dps players never actually learned to play “right”.

When cataclysm will be shipped those players will point towards the healer for their own failure.

If healing could be a stressful job on harder heroics, it will be on each and every one.

I’m not sure which class I’ll be playing first when cataclysm hits the shelves. My main is a holy pally, my DK is a tank, my retired warrior might end up being the first toon I’ll play if healing gets to be the pain I fear it will be.


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