Cataclysm brought revamped zones and I love it !

Since the Cataclysm, many zones have been revamped. Silverpine Forest is one of these zone. So, I took Frostshizzle and headed him towards that zone to see the extent of the changes.

I would describe them as epic, from the start to the end, the flow and lore of the quests is just that good. I’d say even better than the death knight starting quests.

I always felt that the starting areas were pretty weak in terms of immersion, making you feel "important", not just beign a random horde member. The new quests puts you at the center of the action and combined with judicious use of phasing makes you really feel like you are changing the world.

There are some really fun and cool quests to be done : the murloc bombing run comes to mind. My only gripe would be that this quest isn’t a daily quests.

The story is also great, the ties with the worgen, them joining the alliance, really brings back the "war" in warcraft.

All in all I had a great time doing those quests, you should definitely do them if you haevn’t


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