Full time dad, Theorycrafter, Casual player, that’s me

I’ve been playing wow since release (well 1 month after release, since the stores around here ran out of game copies!), I started raiding in TBC.

I’ve played a warlock before rerolling to a warrior which became my main on the PvP Server Akama, I levelled Sheldreyn 1-70 as protection spec there.

I moved to Area 52 3 months into TBC due to the lack of players on the horde on Akama (we were outnumbered 4 to 1), this brought many difficulties (hard time to find groups, hard to recover from corpse camping, etc)

Had many, many , many guilds on area 52 before finding what I can finally call home : Conclave of Sin

I’ve completely stopped raiding due to RL obligations, but I devote a lot of time playing the AH


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